Thursday, September 17, 2009

what we see

"Species on the Verge" video still
of viva la evolucion dress

Fashion is like an iceberg. Most people just see the tip of it and yet under the surface there is a huge destructive industry that is hard at work pumping out mounds of product under some (not all!) intolerable conditions in a race to sell as fast and as many items as possible and then to have them appear as outdated as soon after purchase as possible. This is necessary in order to create desire for the products of the next season. When stuff sells, people have jobs and the economy looks good.

Throwing barely worn clothing out is bad form, so now we donate them to charity or swap. This is good intermediary action but we need to look deeper.

The economic strategies of the world we live in; the world we make real by being part of and are educated to keep its systems running- that world is in need of major overhauling. It is not the best economic system possible and we can certainly come up with a better one if we give ourselves permission to explore the possibilities.

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