Saturday, September 5, 2009

Social Justice/fair trade

BluMeadows on the music
Fair Trade is a Social Justice issue; for commerce and humans are tied despite the attempt to disconnect the humane from the statistics.
We humans are the consumer, the market, the labor, the management, the security, the talent, the masses and the elite. We are human resources-a commodity to be used, often defined by the education that fills us with the data deemed necessary to function within a small area of the cult (root of culture no?)...lotsa titles and roles, oh my!

The myths of our culture are being written daily.

The sad part is that so few recognize the fact that it is only as true as the energy we give it to maintain itself. Yikes!

So my next chapter explores social justice here in Seattle and the school and fort takeovers of the 70s (just) and 80s (not so very fair). Collective energy is powerful!

Stay tuned, it is bound to be a bumpy ride through local history with some great recycouture garb to pretty it up.

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