Saturday, September 26, 2009

On to the show

Ballard Window dressig
-distortion courtesy of nature, glass and the observer

we will go!
It is 6 AM and all is better than well.

Looks like 3 wonderful people -Laura, Paige and Emily -will show up to wear dresses from the "Species on the Verge" collection. (there may be more, so i am packing extras! Mom is riding back-up and TG!)

As this festival in the park cannot replicate the set ambiance, i asked the models to to do their own make-up (with emphasis on more) and to wear black shoes or boots. We meet up at noon ...i have no idea how this will play but i like the suspense .

Surprise is a risk that i am seeking more often. I think it's to offset the control (power) issue, the action consequence system of mechanical devices and religion. Control is and is not true (at the same time).....i love that dischord in sanity!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion at Sustainable Ballard Fest

theme grows and surface changes
Well the show is on as Beth has worked to find models, set up a dressing area and make flyers....the woman is an appreciated do-er that helped make it worth the designers time to participate.

The weather looks great and the festival pulled good crowds in previous years.

The fashion bit is from 1-2 Saturday on the main stage in the park across from the Ballard Library. The park has a name but i still smart from the "Grindline Skatebowl tear down" episode of 2005.

i want to show a few dresses but the models aren't confirmed, however there are several product designers that have more incentive for this kind of event. I am looking forward to seeing their work.

I am wearing a fashionRIP prequel piece from the symbols, signs and spirit collection...
and after ripping off the jacket sleeves i may toss that on too.. Everything changes!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hint Mag blocks

ooooohhhhh how scandalous!

recyCouture photos from posting "Sorry, the following photo submission to was not accepted. This may be the result of unlawful or objectionable material in the photo or description. We encourage you to try again. Hint

Species on the Verge video still deborah

I wrote and asked them to explain. Will they reply? Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bus Stop

46th and phinney
Had to try to win a Metro bus pass by doing a video tagged "Dump the Pump" that went to Youtube last night just a few hours before the deadline. Since i used a little 5 yr old Pentax camera that had a video option i was leery of the results.

Well there is some pixelation polka going on but the stills look fabulous.

No matter it forced me to learn a bit about Premiere Pro that has sat on my computer since i bought it (5 years ago!) Some things take time and motivation. Now i am actually giggly....liking the software and better that i finally did something with it!

I am sure this has some deep relevancy....hmmmm.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

what we see

"Species on the Verge" video still
of viva la evolucion dress

Fashion is like an iceberg. Most people just see the tip of it and yet under the surface there is a huge destructive industry that is hard at work pumping out mounds of product under some (not all!) intolerable conditions in a race to sell as fast and as many items as possible and then to have them appear as outdated as soon after purchase as possible. This is necessary in order to create desire for the products of the next season. When stuff sells, people have jobs and the economy looks good.

Throwing barely worn clothing out is bad form, so now we donate them to charity or swap. This is good intermediary action but we need to look deeper.

The economic strategies of the world we live in; the world we make real by being part of and are educated to keep its systems running- that world is in need of major overhauling. It is not the best economic system possible and we can certainly come up with a better one if we give ourselves permission to explore the possibilities.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sending Forward

Had another selling weekend for the fashionRIP Project and sustainable ideals everywhere.

I have been consistently surprised by these "open house" sales that started in May! The conversations has been stimulating and educating. It morphed into an experiment on how to explain and promote the project and what it stands for. This has been a major task because what "i see" is a 5 d plus picture and translating it into words .....well still a work in progress.

Then a returning guest shows up sporting an item she purchased at the debut sale and it all makes sense. Not in some literally translatable fashion but in the context of the whole and it is sublime!

PS the photo caps have links with visual aids....the better to message you, m'dear!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tee Tales

I have been in stripey tees for a long time. This is a recyCouture update on the theme below.
(Thanks mom for keeping a lot of photos)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Simple Support

the future is ours and yours
Nudges today - please go to Greenwala and vote for the fashionRIP Project.

It's a harmless, no register (you can bookmark and do it daily even!) way to help support the second phase of the Project. Phase 2 of the RIP is to develop a small business that supports local artisans and sustainable development in an experimental concept of how culture can be recreated. It is the many people who have helped this Project that inspire this leap. We can and will evolve into our best natures.

Please go to the fashion ethos blog for the weave.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fashionRIP Project

detail of the bottom of a recyCouture dress for "Species on the Verge"
in Greenwala contest. Please vote as you do not need to register and it will only take seconds. In fact you can vote daily and they all count.

Though the fashionRIP Project is an all volunteer sustainable art piece intended as an alt communication, it is also a model for the bones of a business.

Sustainable economics need to experiment with ideas and the RIP is on a road of discovery that will lead to applicable solutions. I am working on it as the product is more than a commodity and a service, it is about process and is about the real lives of people who are stakeholders - long and short term. It is also about changes that dynamic concerns utilize to become sustainable entities that evolve as nature intended!

What a mouthful!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Social Justice/fair trade

BluMeadows on the music
Fair Trade is a Social Justice issue; for commerce and humans are tied despite the attempt to disconnect the humane from the statistics.
We humans are the consumer, the market, the labor, the management, the security, the talent, the masses and the elite. We are human resources-a commodity to be used, often defined by the education that fills us with the data deemed necessary to function within a small area of the cult (root of culture no?)...lotsa titles and roles, oh my!

The myths of our culture are being written daily.

The sad part is that so few recognize the fact that it is only as true as the energy we give it to maintain itself. Yikes!

So my next chapter explores social justice here in Seattle and the school and fort takeovers of the 70s (just) and 80s (not so very fair). Collective energy is powerful!

Stay tuned, it is bound to be a bumpy ride through local history with some great recycouture garb to pretty it up.