Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anna Herman on the Air

red silk Anna Herman dress

well not actually. On the air was a term used for analog radio days, but now? Air plays a part as sound waves travel through the air unless one is using a headset or earbuds to channel the vibration. Still and all, on the air sounds nice.

Besides it's the content that counts and my friend Anna Herman spoke right up last week on Womens Radio.com to let the USA know we of the eco fashion world may be small in numbers but we are passionate, dedicated and growing. Helping each other help the world change some industrial model fashion concepts is a big job, but we are doing it anyway.

Fashions ability to enslave some very sophisticated and intelligent women for centuries is getting a shakeout as we now understand that looking, feeling, being and enabling good is do-able and a standard we want to share with everyone. We are the world and we are next door, we care and we ask you to care as well, it really does matter and it will make a huge difference.

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