Monday, December 6, 2010


Still from a presentation/lecture/discussion I set up last year at SCCC Sustainable Fashion -how one industery is re-inventing itself

School is almost over, 1 year down and 1 to go! It's funny -I am in a teaching and learning constant, it's a good recipe..
Meeting with Anna Herman and Mark Pomerantz, putting puzzle pieces together is fun, generates proactive energy that is solution oriented and makes more sparks. When i meet the sparks i will write about them. You never really know what sparks will become lights on the path and which ones will just fizzle.

A Social Entrepreneurial Hub has just opened in San Francisco and forward thinking people are asking "why not Seattle?"

I hope the answer is "Yes Seattle is behind innovative, creative, socially just, new startups that will generate local sustainable businesses that will enable a new vision of economics and Seattle can grow her own!!"
Okay beyond mere hope, some of us are getting together to set the scene. We already know Seattle can deliver when encouraged.

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