Monday, December 13, 2010

Need to Know Basis!

fashionRIP Project started with an ethos of re-use and re-invent in the discipline of art, function and dreams, called fashion. It was a way to mitigate the environmental, religious, social, ethical, cultural and economic clashes between what was deemed true and what I was experiencing. I started to explore further afield, trying to figure out what was really going on because it just didn't add up.

In the meantime, I started to sew and paint the new stories on old garments. (phoenix skirt, tree of life skirt, etc.) Giving them new life was part of the process towards my own re-design. Right now i am calling it faith in life(force) and in my 'knowing' self. ( its an emotional, solar plexus, greater heart based thing- you know it when you feel it!)

Like many i kept thinking there had to be rational, intelligent someones that were at the root of our great institutions. There are. The bad news is that they are usually locked into the systems these institutions have built over time. The very concepts behind these systems that shape our reality, our 'way of life' are full of myths that developed from our early human ethos of fear. This made sense at the time; we were in a war for our species survival and we fought it on a daily basis. I mean we had some big, nasty ol' predators back in the day.

Well, we did good, we survived and in fact, are such a thriving species we are now destroying our very ability to maintain our own life without an ethos make-over. To our collective chagrin, we are hampered by the knowledge that brought us here. This is what we know. We know what we did and are good at doing that thing better, we even call it progress. We are not so good at experimenting with new ideas, in part because so much of our energy and resources are trapped in the old systems and institutions. These constructs have hard won, almost hard wired concepts involved in their make-up, so letting them go isn't easy.

But yikes, to get us out of the mess we made, we need to let go. We need to support mass creative innovation and diversity, give perks for curiousity and embrace mindsets of 'whole concepts thinking.' We need to grow up (consciously evolve) and take responsibility for our actions and thoughts.

Why not imagine the best designs ever and go towards them? There will be plenty to choose from once they manifest. This will provide the incentive of competitive systems, yet allows for more collaboration, cooperation, sharing and fusing of designs because the mission statement has changed. Its a new dynamic for multiple diverse approaches in order to understand 'the whole' in a way that makes sense now.

This will take us to the next paradigm change but we can cross that bridge when we get there!

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