Saturday, December 11, 2010

Economics isn't a Science!

Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera co-authored "All the Devils are Here" a book on the unseemly behaviour that enabled the biggest economic collapse since the Depression. The regulatory and sub prime mistakes made by corporations and Congrees that enabled this huge economic collapse (even when warned by consumer lobbyists that it was flawed) are still a problem.

The huge salaries to be made by playing the game, also make for self delusion, enables greed to look acceptable and creates the delusions that "the market is always right," " the sanctity of rating agencies" and other myths of capitalism created by those who need us to support thier theories in order to take home those large sums. Its a wheel of fortune that suckers the public into playing the global casino against their real best interests.

CONNECTED is about giving ourselves the gifts of the new story for the next reality. Stories based on todays wealth of knowledge and our access to it albeit beyond the wall of distractions so everywhere will further conscious evolution.

A new system of checks and balances will be enabled as we learn to work together for a resource aware economic system that looks to creating healthy populations via healthy lifestyles. This would be trustier because it is by default transparent, diverse, collaborative and contains the ethos that Darwin actually spoke to; that the human's ability to cooperate, bond and share was key to our survival.

The survival of the fittest was coined by another dude, Spencer (an economist) and because it gave the Victorian elites a tool to justify their own delusional outlook - we deserve to have more than our share because we are the best!- it took off as a "truth."

Its way time for the new truth and that new reality to kick in!

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