Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ethical Markets

I am reading "Ethical Markets Growing the Green Economy" by Hazel Henderson (2006) and came across the term Post Cartesian, which I like enough to pass along!

On page 202, HH writes that people are losing trust in the current industrial medical model. "The almost excessive specialization that affects our current medical approach is part of a 300 year academic tradition of reductionism: the idea that the wholes can be understood by dissecting them and studying their parts.This so called Cartesian approach-named after the French mathmatician Rene Descartes-led to an explosion of scientific knowledge. Now we are beginning to put these pieces back together in a larger worldview and more systemic approaches, which I have called the Post Cartesian Scientific Worldview (Henderson, 1981) We are slowly remebering that our bodies, minds, attitudes, spiritual lives, social circumstances and physical environments interact to keep us well or make us sick."

Now in 2010 that thinking is expanding to incorporate the economic mythos as well. WTO blew big time by thinking that currencies and wealth would be retained within the trading countries (that is one of the excuses used to offset World Bank et al responsibility) however global markets that are a mouse click away have altered the story -shock!

The CONNECTED approach has a history we need to share.

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