Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dreams are That important

dream, intent, action

Nova "What Are Dreams?" on PBS is another program that shows how right on some of the intuitive cultures were.

I love it when this happens! It reiterates the body, mind, spirit -emo, social, physical plus of reality. New rationalism enhanced by technology is now reinforcing ancient wisdom on many levels. Not all, this is a total pick and choose thing, but i appreciate that feelings are now acceptable to bring into conversation and cultural discourse.

I had a prof in the 90s tell me that "I feel" was best replaced by "I think" and it really changed my academic headset. Now I Feel is reinstated, is valid, is perhaps even more fully real than "thought" and that feels great!

Dreams allow for fluid thought where the rational dances with alternative states of being and allows us to access more of our full potential. That is awesome.

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