Monday, July 25, 2011

hey joe

July 19,1996
Subculture Joe vs Seattle is the story of how a city took down a creative force, incited a public outcry and stabbed the heart of a hero as an excuse to buy some super expensive anti terrorist toys.

Score Seattle; now millions of potholes and vacant storefronts later we can look back and ask how many times that expensive little toy was hauled into action before obsolescence took it's toll? And who made the money on the deal? Like we know who paid the price.

In this 4 ever game where boys will be boys, where are the men? & don't tell me it is human nature, because it is just as (if not more) human to be fair, care about others and live from love not just fear.

FYI: it's the city micro to USA Inc and on to global macro that is so foul. The game is out of control. Are we waiting for nature to smack us down? or will enough of us decide on intervention tactics to stop the power addicts?

The window of opportunity is shrinking.

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