Thursday, July 14, 2011

Energy Crisis

Hammering Man w Ball and Chain -Labor Day 1993.
This is a stitch illustration, fabric and metal piece I am putting into the Species on the Verge and Other Works w/POV as an accessory to original 2006 homage piece for Subculture Joe. The late Jason Sprinkle (SubC Joe 1969-2005) was a brilliant artist, "our Banksy," who was
(intentionally) misunderstood and driven out of town by the City of Seattle.

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts." A Einstein.

I just had to share this, but please read the full article from
Wired Magazine.

These are the words that jumped for me:

"Gates: ...
We saw a car factory that turns out 300,000 vehicles in a spot that had been a field 18 months before. It’s incredible to see the speed. The engineers are living in a dormitory and working 16 hours a day, and they don’t talk about permits or getting time off. I’ve seen this before—when I visited Japan in the ’70s,..."

Aha, explains the mass layoffs of 2003/4 at Microsoft, when 45 yr old + employees were canned, (i sat next to a few of them in classes at Shoreline CC) while Indians were enticed to emigrate (body shopping) and fill the gap, because American workers weren't "qualified." Now i know what "qualified" means.

As far as solar, Mr Bill might be advised to take some time to speak with the Ballard solar research home owners, (name ?- were on the Green Home Tour 4/11) and learn from reality. FYI he and Microsoft didn't catch on to the internet idea all that fast either.

Back to "Wired" interview:
So suffice to say we will find no solar cells on the roof of the Gates residence?

Gates: Oh, we like to be cute like everyone. For rich people, this is OK. Rich people can do whatever they want."

It's good to know what a culture measures, rewards and values.

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