Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Show Times

Vintage wire and tin can, handmade frame with hand and machine embroidery and beads on velvet . I am reminding myself to walk in the world with love rather than fear.

"Species on the Verge and other arts w/POV" now opens Sept 1 (Art Walk 9/7) and will run through the October Art Walk (10/9) closing 10/9. The gallery will be open Tuesday - Sunday from 3-8 pm, though special events may have different hours..

The former gallery space was leased out from under the curator (part of rent agreement) and a newer bigger, more beautiful space has opened up down the hall. (Kerf international Gallery in the Wallingford Center) This was a blessing.

Last week was trauma/drama as a brick flew through the window from dusty, noisy demolition next door, vacuum died in clean up process and my back was wrenched hoisting the dead vac into the trunk to take it to a repair shop. I was stressed and in pain more than inspired and in joy, yet felt that "the show must go on."

Now my heart is back in it, i can finish some important new pieces, more guest artists are showing up, i can enjoy my son, his lady and my granddaughter's visit, yes -the universe came through for me, us, again.


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