Thursday, December 29, 2011

99% love

Sweet video of the people in Bellingham speaking up against distorted human reality.

It just stands to reason that no one group has the right to grab and gobble everything. In human development they would be spoiled brats, in health science they are a cancer, in economics they are unsustainable and resource abusive winners of loss, creators of scarcity and death. How is that a win, a thing to be proud of?

The capitalist (and too, the communist, socialist) system grew from a host of antique views that we have outgrown. This is normal developmental progression.

Therefore, our human made systems need to respond to the science and wisdom of today's people; people who are are challenging the lack of dimension and the vast ignorance of the earlier premises.

We are living things that need to grow in ideas and spirit. The physical, material, consumer focus of the old capitalist system denied the whole of truth to grow; that is not acceptable nor adequate. We are wonderfully More and that great potential needs freeing. I trust the human spirit to bloom evermore brilliantly, after all, we are children of the universe.

Occupy Everything is rooted in the need for change and it warms my heart and is growing my trust. Thank you.

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