Saturday, December 24, 2011


One Love / Occupy Everything
Street Art message of mindful awakening.
i am grateful for this!
(Actual photo 12/24/11)

I mix my holidays quite a bit, a day for thanks is awful skimpy.

Right now i am in gratitude for the legal system taking on the rights of real people that were "hushed" at occupy camps. I am grateful for all those who weather the front lines for social, economic and environmental justice. I am thankful that the dancing copper in Providence is proof that all cops are not para militaristic thugs. (It is sad how the worst can effect the image of the whole)

i am thankful for the gift of friends and family.

I am grateful for Annie Leonard and Colbert putting "stuff" in its place.

I am grateful that every day is an adventure of possibility. The more aware and present i learn to be, the more the universe responds. This you must try out for yourself. Please let me know what happens.

If being aware is a key to activating the healthier, vast and expansive energy of Life, Light and Love, then anything is possible. That means we can manifest our vision of a better world by acting in it now. This validates an amazing, larger reality and gives it the energy it needs to thrive.

We know this pattern in our own biology, in ecosystems. It is cosmic condition, a fractal of the whole that we now see. Is this not an expanded state of consciousness?

If the above is true, then we have barely tapped our potential. We are moving beyond mere consciousness and the physical realm (material) into a super consciousness. Out of the primordial mud, past the garden and into the light.

I don't really know any of this, but it makes sense with what i do know. The experiment continues, i just report the results.

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