Saturday, December 3, 2011

Timely or ?

half moon 12/2/11
I wish i had read this last Sunday.

However it is still appropriate. Life tends to repeat until we get it -ie learn and change our response.

Assuming Value Everywhere by Viral Mehta, is a nice reminder. As our world becomes ever more complex, it is natural to try to sort information quickly. In that process we might be losing important affirmations of "life." That is too valuable to dismiss.

"Well, everyone is good at something. You just have to listen long enough." This quote from a 14 year old who, along with his best friend, "decided, of their own accord, to spend much of their summer creating spontaneous and mostly anonymous opportunities to grow in kindness."

The power of listening to multiple views comes from the flexibility of mind it affords. It frees me from the unconscious hold of unexamined views -- and much of my sense of self is derived from an amalgamation of such views. My 14-year-old cousin was onto something profound: Whether it's listening to a person or otherwise, if I listen long enough it creates an opening. In every such opening, I can choose to accept or put aside whatever I do discover. In the process, though, if I can embrace the unknown -- while being firmly rooted in developing wisdom through my own experience -- I am freeing myself from the prison of a limited identity."


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