Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gifting the World

Tacoma bus stop, on the way to my evaluations at TESC, i had a Banksy moment. Propped against a concrete pillar was a framed print of a still life landscape. Highly romanticized, i am guessing it was circa mid 80s, in great condition.

I had to take a shot and in the process a tall gent told me I could have it, he had rescued it from a dumpster. I told him i was on my way to school or i would take him up on the offer. Then we spoke of recycling and as he walked away, i thanked him for gifting the world. When he turned around and grinned, we shared a beautiful moment of being. I am so thinking the sun came out!

The silence of others broke as well and humanity touched grounding. We are made for this.

Oh and my evals, excellent. My prof gets me now, though suggests i slow down and walk people through my ideas. Turning the paradigm from "profit" to nurturing the potential of everyone releasing the amazing possibility of life, got me a thumbs up.

Thank you Dr S. (science base) I needed that!!

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