Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Upside of the Down

Ballard recyked metal

The cure for the insanity we are experiencing in the world is to put our collective energy into healthy alternatives.

Realizing that we are part of a functioning whole means we have to learn new ways of being. Sharing spaces, ideas and resources expose us to the good and the bad side of building trust. We are in a grand experiment of DoBetter and there is a learning phase. Cool! Humans actually spark at challenge, it is good for us!

Last night,at the Kerf International Exhibits meeting, we got into a conversation about the book/movie Collapse. I later started thinking that i should have spoken up more on the positive side of this scene. Michael Ruppert has an every man for himself tinge ( bear attack story, be faster than other campers) that i and others need to dispute. In a healthy aligning with nature we are seeing how it is synchronicity, harmony and cooperation that allows life to thrive. The well being of the whole is directly related to the well being of the individual in the long term. (That bear will get hungry again and then one by one all campers go down)

The problem/changes are huge, but like an addiction, the cure is more than abstinence, it is finding a way to live with joy, health and less resource abuse. I think stressing the "potential of rebirthing the cultural mindset" is about full awakening, not just to the scam of "economics" but to our own amazing possibilities. A visually compelling exhibit at the Kerf can illuminate the spectrum and be a catalyst for more connections. Working together makes us stronger, wiser and more abled than stoic individualism. We can create the framework for the next part of this amazing journey.

Kerf workshops can be a functioning space to attract more connections, engage the community and promote creative thinking. They can also be part of the antidote for "virtual reality" that is changing brain development in children. This phenomena is becoming a part of psychological, sociological and neurological discourse. Play Again , shown at Wallingford Meaningful Movies (probably in their lending library) speaks to this change by taking a group of young people into the outdoors for a real life adventure. Art, sewing other craft skills build real world confidence as much as camping, and are not as weather dependent.

Kerf International Exhibits and the PMAU 2012 show meetings will continue in January. Please help build the future positive -at the Kerf or Anywhere, Earth.

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