Monday, July 25, 2011

New Showtimes

hey joe

July 19,1996
Subculture Joe vs Seattle is the story of how a city took down a creative force, incited a public outcry and stabbed the heart of a hero as an excuse to buy some super expensive anti terrorist toys.

Score Seattle; now millions of potholes and vacant storefronts later we can look back and ask how many times that expensive little toy was hauled into action before obsolescence took it's toll? And who made the money on the deal? Like we know who paid the price.

In this 4 ever game where boys will be boys, where are the men? & don't tell me it is human nature, because it is just as (if not more) human to be fair, care about others and live from love not just fear.

FYI: it's the city micro to USA Inc and on to global macro that is so foul. The game is out of control. Are we waiting for nature to smack us down? or will enough of us decide on intervention tactics to stop the power addicts?

The window of opportunity is shrinking.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Show Times

Vintage wire and tin can, handmade frame with hand and machine embroidery and beads on velvet . I am reminding myself to walk in the world with love rather than fear.

"Species on the Verge and other arts w/POV" now opens Sept 1 (Art Walk 9/7) and will run through the October Art Walk (10/9) closing 10/9. The gallery will be open Tuesday - Sunday from 3-8 pm, though special events may have different hours..

The former gallery space was leased out from under the curator (part of rent agreement) and a newer bigger, more beautiful space has opened up down the hall. (Kerf international Gallery in the Wallingford Center) This was a blessing.

Last week was trauma/drama as a brick flew through the window from dusty, noisy demolition next door, vacuum died in clean up process and my back was wrenched hoisting the dead vac into the trunk to take it to a repair shop. I was stressed and in pain more than inspired and in joy, yet felt that "the show must go on."

Now my heart is back in it, i can finish some important new pieces, more guest artists are showing up, i can enjoy my son, his lady and my granddaughter's visit, yes -the universe came through for me, us, again.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Energy Crisis

Hammering Man w Ball and Chain -Labor Day 1993.
This is a stitch illustration, fabric and metal piece I am putting into the Species on the Verge and Other Works w/POV as an accessory to original 2006 homage piece for Subculture Joe. The late Jason Sprinkle (SubC Joe 1969-2005) was a brilliant artist, "our Banksy," who was
(intentionally) misunderstood and driven out of town by the City of Seattle.

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts." A Einstein.

I just had to share this, but please read the full article from
Wired Magazine.

These are the words that jumped for me:

"Gates: ...
We saw a car factory that turns out 300,000 vehicles in a spot that had been a field 18 months before. It’s incredible to see the speed. The engineers are living in a dormitory and working 16 hours a day, and they don’t talk about permits or getting time off. I’ve seen this before—when I visited Japan in the ’70s,..."

Aha, explains the mass layoffs of 2003/4 at Microsoft, when 45 yr old + employees were canned, (i sat next to a few of them in classes at Shoreline CC) while Indians were enticed to emigrate (body shopping) and fill the gap, because American workers weren't "qualified." Now i know what "qualified" means.

As far as solar, Mr Bill might be advised to take some time to speak with the Ballard solar research home owners, (name ?- were on the Green Home Tour 4/11) and learn from reality. FYI he and Microsoft didn't catch on to the internet idea all that fast either.

Back to "Wired" interview:
So suffice to say we will find no solar cells on the roof of the Gates residence?

Gates: Oh, we like to be cute like everyone. For rich people, this is OK. Rich people can do whatever they want."

It's good to know what a culture measures, rewards and values.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Species on the Verge and Other Works w/POV

This show is a dream come true. That I am already in the process of the next is quite organic. I am thinking this is what it means to "be" while in the process of "becoming."

I am excited to see the installation go up in a real live gallery but because i am seeing it as a way to inform a larger project, my "performance stress" is not so much. This is a cool discovery i wanted to share. It totally affirms the life journey aspect and disses old school goal staticity I also realize that a lot of potential angst is offset by giving space to others. The nurturer iwithin is getting some air time.

I hope to gather multiple points of view to inform next years collaborative city wide, many points of light experience -Title TBA-a few of us are now planning. If interested contact me (Email in the "about me" sidebar entry)

Please see the ad in the Stranger for a long explanation as to why this matters. I think i am narrowing this stuff into some good easy to comprehend sentences. That which is foreign to our usual way of thinking is a hobgoblin to communicate.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dreams are That important

dream, intent, action

Nova "What Are Dreams?" on PBS is another program that shows how right on some of the intuitive cultures were.

I love it when this happens! It reiterates the body, mind, spirit -emo, social, physical plus of reality. New rationalism enhanced by technology is now reinforcing ancient wisdom on many levels. Not all, this is a total pick and choose thing, but i appreciate that feelings are now acceptable to bring into conversation and cultural discourse.

I had a prof in the 90s tell me that "I feel" was best replaced by "I think" and it really changed my academic headset. Now I Feel is reinstated, is valid, is perhaps even more fully real than "thought" and that feels great!

Dreams allow for fluid thought where the rational dances with alternative states of being and allows us to access more of our full potential. That is awesome.